Welcome To The Temple - Your Durga Mandir

At Durga Bari, you should have the divine experience to offer your prayers in peace and quiet. We invite you to attend the Sunday Gita Path & Kirtan and all other special events / pujas. The Temple community will be very pleased if you kindly take prasad, prior to leaving the Temple. The volunteers take great care and devotion in preparing the prasad.

We request our community members to:

    • Visit the Temple.
    • Participate in special events / pujas.
    • Volunteer your time to prepare food, to manage events or to help with your special professional skills.

Durga Temple Services

Contact Durga Temple
Durga Temple
4215 E McNichols Rd,
Detroit, MI 48212
Email: info@durgatemple.net
Phone: (313)424-2087/(313)808-3909/(313)405-0257
Committee, Durga Temple 2014 Click here.

    • Weekly Service – Sun, 4.00-9.00 PM
    • Gita Path, Kirtan, Prasad – Sun, 5.00-8.00PM
    • Home Priest Service
    • Family ritual at Temple

Durga temple will serve full meal prasad during Kali puja 2014

We cordially invite you, your family and friends to celebrate this year Kali Puja with cultural programs, delicious prasadam and Puja Arati with Dhaks. We are requesting your participation, help and cooperation to make this auspicious festival a joyous & successful.

With respect,
Kali Puja Udjapan Committee.
Please Contact (313) 522-8713/ (313) 424-2087; 
Email: info.durgatemple@gmail.com

Suggested Donation $21.00

In order to get any Hindu religious service performed in your home or in the temple, please contact the temple authority @ (313)424-2087/(313)808-3909/(313)405-0257 to make an appointment.

Upcoming Event

Kali Puja and Diwali/Deepavali 2014

Durga temple is celebrating the “KALI PUJA & DEEPAVALI” on Thursday Oct. 23rd, 2014  according to Tithi and grand celebration on Saturday, Oct. 25th, 2014.

We cordially invite you, your family and friends to celebrate this year’s Maha Kali Puja & Deepavali.
We are requesting your participation, help and cooperation on this great night of inspiring and uplifting event to get the blessing of Goddess Maa Kali in every step of our life to make happy and prosperous.
Jai Maa Kali

With respect,
Kali Puja Udjapan Committee.
Please Contact (313) 522-8713/ (313) 424-2087
Email: info.durgatemple@gmail.com

Suggested Donation $21.00

Puja Sponsor:
Prasad: $800, Devi Cloth: $100, Bhog: $200, Puja Flower: $100 Puja Fruits: $100